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Reiki is a non-invasive technique that promotes healing by freeing congested energy centers to open up the body. As a well-practiced Japanese form of energy healing, this type of alternative medicine aims to achieve contentment, and relaxation. As an experienced practitioner, we offer certified Usui Animal Reiki, Equine Healing Reiki,  and Crystal Reiki. You can learn more about our practitioner and certifications here. 

Reiki masters use a technique of “laying on hands” on major energy centers/chakras, channeling universal light and love from practitioner to client. Benefits include: Pain relief, stress reduction, anxiety relief, increased intuition/self-awareness, relieves depression, strengthens self-esteem, strengthens immunity, releases toxins, helps with relaxation/sleep, and clears blocked emotions. Offered in-person or online!

Kundali Reiki

Uses healing crystals to help benefit the reiki session. 


Animal Reiki

A traditional style that awakens your kundalini energy.

$111/hr session

Crystal Reiki

A traditional style that awakens your kundalini energy.

$111/hr session

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We Offer Our Sessions:

We Offer Our Sessions:

In-Person Sessions

Sessions specialized to your needs in your environment

Online Sessions

Sessions scheduled on your time working with your schedule

Private or Group

Heal and grow privately or working alongside others in a group

Live Streaming

Live streaming sessions announced on our Facebook group

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a unique style of yoga that is both healing and restorative for the body and mind. It's a slow and passive form of yoga where poses are held for a longer period of time, usually between 1-5 minutes. Our approach is designed to create greater health and wellness within the body, as well as a greater range of movement. Slowly holding longer periods allows the deeper connective tissues within the body to stretch and release. Yin Yoga encourages meditation and introspective practice, which benefits the mind and allows you t to feel calm and peaceful within. Our practitioner is certified Yin Yoga and Kids Yoga ages 2-17, see our certifications here!

Adult Yoga

Adult yoga is lead with the intention of finding your own space within yourself. Most poses are held between 3-8 minutes with the freedom to develop all skills. Each class will involve meditation and poses while creating an atmosphere for release and grow. Sessions last 45 mins.

$25/session for individuals
$15/hr each for groups of 3-10
Groups or events upon request 

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Goat Yoga

Goat yoga is a unique and unconventional form of yoga that combines traditional yoga poses with the presence of friendly goats. Participants engage in yoga exercises while goats freely roam around, providing a joyful and sometimes humorous experience. The interaction with the goats adds an element of playfulness and spontaneity, making it a memorable and enjoyable practice for animal and yoga enthusiasts alike. 

We offer classes on our farm or we can come to you! Our classes are for 10+ people to so the goats get plenty of love. 

Join Us On The Farm
Adults - $22 per 1 hr session
Kids Ages 2-10 - $33 per 1 hr session

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Invite Us To Your Event
$450 per 2 hr session

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Join Us On The Farm
Adults - $33 per 1 hr session
Kids Ages 2-10 - $44 per 1 hr session

Invite Us To Your Event
$450 per 2 hr session

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Kid's Yoga

Kids Yoga specializes in ages 2-12 while incorporating meditation, storytelling, activities, and yoga poses. Designed to create a foundational interest in yoga, as well as develop healthy habits. Can be done in groups or individual, depending on the goals of the parent. Sessions are 45 mins.

$35/session for individuals
$25/session for groups of 3-10
Groups or events upon request

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Kid's Animal Party

Animal Party Yoga for kids includes everything you need to bring peace, light, and love to your child's party! Our class parties offer an exciting approach to yoga that inspires children and provides them with guidance as their techniques mature. We work with families to make the perfect plan for the perfect party!

Class Plan & Yoga Pose Guide
Story Time & Guided Meditation
Mystery Animal Game & Coloring Sheet

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Women's Circles

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time.  A women's circle creates a sacred bond between women in a safe, deeply nourishing and nurturing place. Women's circles cater to all ages and backgrounds. 

Women who attend a circle are encouraged to explore and connect to their inner world and to the sisterhood of women in the group. A women's circle is a time for bonding, sharing, and rest; it can be very healing mentally and physically for women. As a facilitator, you have the joy and honor of holding space for women and guiding them to connect deeper within and connect deeply with each other. 

Although there is right or wrong way to guide a circle, most have a common structure and some fun ideas for your circle. We can help you begin guiding women in your local area or online to connect deeply to themselves and each other. 

Sessions range from $15-20 per hour.


Use the power of the circle to connect better with yourself and others


Grow in interpersonal strength while accepting yourself and others


Enter into the circle to help heal your mind, body, and spirit with others

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